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1999 Special Writer-in-Residence

  • Ben Bova

    Dr. Ben Bova started writing fiction in the late 1940s and has been at it ever since, even while pursuing careers in journalism, aerospace, publishing, and education. Author of more than ninety futuristic novels and nonfiction books, Dr. Bova became involved in the U.S. space program two years before the creation of NASA. He was editor of Analog and OMNI magazines, has written teaching films with Nobel laureate scientists, and is President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He has won six Hugo awards. In his various writings, Dr. Bova has predicted the Space Race of the 1960s, solar power satellites, electronic books, the discovery of organic chemicals in interstellar space, virtual reality, video games, the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), international peacekeeping forces, electronic publishing (Cyberbooks), and sex in zero gravity.

    He has worked with Woody Allen, George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry on film and television projects, has been a regular science guest on the CBS Morning News, and is on the board of contributors of USA Today. His latest book, Immortality, shows how biological research is extending the human lifespan to centuries and even beyond, and the effects that human immortality will have on our personal relationships and our social, economic, political and religious systems. His past novels, such as Brothers, Mars and the ongoing Moonbase Saga combine romance, adventure, and the highest degree of scientific accuracy to explore the impact of future technological developments on individual human beings and on society as a whole.

1999 Guest Lecturers

  • Terry Bisson

    Terry Bisson is the author of five novels including, Talking Man (Arbor House, 1987), a World Fantasy Award nominee; and Pirates Of The Universe (Tor, 1996) a NY Times Notable Book for 1996. Bisson's short fiction collection, Bears Discover Fire & Other Stories, was published by Tor in the fall of 1993, after the title story swept every honor in the SF field in 1990-91, including both the Nebula and Hugo Awards. Bisson has written novelizations of several major motion pictures including William Gibson's Johnny Mnemonic, and The Fifth Element. DC published his six-part graphic novel adaptation of Roger Zelazny's "Amber" books in 1996. Bisson also completed the posthumous sequel to A Canticle for Leibowitz for the estate of Walter M. Miller. Bantam published it as St. Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman in October 1997. Most recently, he edited Dr. Alan Berkman's prison memoir, Brother Doc, and activist film star Peter Coyote's sixties odyssey, Sleeping Where I Fall. Bisson is from Owensboro, Kentucky; he was born in 1942. A member of the Authors Guild and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, he lives in New York City.

  • Elizabeth Hand

    Writer and critic Elizabeth Hand is the author of six novels, the science fiction novels Winterlong, Aestival Tide, and Icarus Descending, and the apocalyptic fantasies Waking the Moon (winner of the Mythopoeic Society and James M. Tiptree Jr. Awards), Glimmering, and Black Light, as well as the collection Last Summer at Mars Hill, featuring the Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning title story. With Paul Witcover, she created DC Comics' post-punk post-feminist series, Anima, and she has done the novelizations for 12 Monkeys, The Frenchman (the pilot for the television series Millennium) and Fight the Future, the X-Files movie. Her short play, "The Have Nots," was produced in London in 1996 as part of the Fringe Theater Festival. Her book reviews, articles, and criticism have appeared in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, Penthouse, Reflex Magazine, the Detroit Metro Times, The Writer, and Belles Lettres. She is a regular contributor to the Washington Post Book World, and a featured columnist in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. She lives on the coast of Maine with her two children.

  • R. Patrick Gates

    Horror writer Randy Patrick Gates holds a Massachusetts Teaching Certificate in Secondary English and has been a teacher off and on for over twenty years. He has also been the Managing Editor of several medical journals, a musician, artist, and journalist. His biggest creative influence was his mother, who claimed to have the gift of extra-sensory perception. He grew up listening to his mother tell the story of how she had exorcised their home of a ghost, and watching her tell fortunes (quite accurately) with an ordinary deck of playing cards. With five critically acclaimed novels such as Fear, Grimm Memorials, and Tunnelvision to his credit, R. Patrick Gates has lived through the so-called demise of horror fiction by evolving as a writer and broadening his scope. Future fiction will include more mainstream literature, but dark fantasy and hardcore horror will always be Gates's first love. Presently, Mr. Gates is a private tutor and creative writing instructor when not writing.

  • Scott Edelman

    Scott Edelman is the editor of Science Fiction Age, the science fiction field's newest professional magazine, which is just beginning its seventh year of publication. He has also been the editor of both Sci-Fi Entertainment and Sci-Fi Universe for over a year. A three time nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Editor, he has been an active professional in the world of words for 25 years. His career began as an assistant editor for Marvel Comics in the early '70s, and after going freelance, his scripts appeared in Captain Marvel, House of Mystery, and Weird War Tales, and on Saturday morning cartoons for Hanna-Barbera. After repenting his ways at the invitational Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop in 1979, he published and edited five issues of the critically acclaimed Last Wave, and released his first novel, The Gift, which became a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award in the category of Best Gay SF/Fantasy Novel. "The Suicide Artist," a short story printed in a Necronomicon Press chapbook, was chosen by Stephen Jones and Ramsey Campbell to be the lead story in their anthology Best New Horror 4.

  • Jeffrey A. Carver

    Jeffrey A. Carver is the author of numerous hard science fiction novels, including The Infinite Sea, Strange Attractors and Neptune Crossing, as well as Dragon Rigger and Dragons in the Stars, which blended elements of science fiction and fantasy. His favorite themes include star travel, alien contact, artificial intelligence, and transcendent realities--and the moral, ethical, and spiritual implications of these possibilities--with a strong emphasis on humanistic concerns. In 1995, Carver developed and hosted the educational TV series, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. Reaching into schools across the U.S., the show challenged student writers to stretch their imaginations and learn the basic skills of storytelling and writing. A native of Huron, Ohio, Carver has lived in New England since graduating from Brown University in 1971 with a degree in English. In 1974 he earned a Master of Marine Affairs degree from the University of Rhode Island.

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