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Are You Reading the Work of Odyssey Alumni?


Odyssey graduates continue to take the publishing world by storm!

  • Number of Odyssey alumni professionally published so far: 158 out of 265.

An incredible 59%!

  • Number of short stories published by Odyssey alumni: 1,200 and counting
  • Novels by Odyssey graduates have been published by top publishers: Grand Central, Warner Books, HarperCollins, Harper Eos, Tor Books, Phobos Books, DAW Books, Del Rey, Random House, Ace Books, Disney-Hyperion, 47North, Edge, Scholastic Books, Pyr Books, Angry Robot, Space & Time, Sourcebooks, Solaris Books, Mirrorstone Books, Quirk Books, Carolrhoda Books, Damnation Books, WestSide Books, World Weaver Press, and more
  • Short stories by Odyssey graduates are in the magazines you read: Analog, Asimov's Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance, Lightspeed, Nature, Clarkesworld, Nightmare, Tor.com, Talebones, On Spec, Space & Time, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Baen's Universe, Artemis, Mythic Delirium, Dreams of Decadence, Cyberpulp, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Storyteller, The Third Alternative/Black Static, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Tales of Moreauvia, Flash Fiction Online, The Louisville Review, Jabberwocky, Seal of the Imperium, Horror Authors United, Sounds of the Night, AlienSkin, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Fireside, Fictionvale, Suddenly Lost in Words, Deepwood Publishing, ABQ Arts, SQ Magazine, Plasma Frequency, Nautilus, Quantum Shorts, Silver Blade, Phobos, Crowded, Waylines, Lacuna Journal of Historical Fiction, Fine Lines, Interfictions Online, Well Told Tales, Murky Depths, A Fly in Amber, Shroud, Renard's Menagerie, Lone Star Stories, Clockwork Phoenix, Electric Velocipede, Spacesuits and Sixguns, Chiaroscuro, Nossa Morte, The Back Alley, Darwin's Evolutions, Hub Magazine, Albedo One, Bewildering Stories, Flash Me, Beyond Centauri, Necrography, Spacewesterns.com, Arkham Tales, On the Brighter Side, Faerie Nation, Three Crow Press, Ray Gun Revival, Flashquake, The VERB, Kaleidotrope, Apex, Static Movement, Niteblade, Aphelion, Pseudopod, Aberrant Dreams, The Summerset Review, Fortean Bureau, The Leading Edge, Fantastic Stories, Boy's Life, Surreal Magazine, Absolute Magnitude, Here & Now, Paradox, Aboriginal SF, Rosebud, Strange Horizons, Darkness Rising, Supernatural Tales, Tales of the Unanticipated, Flashshot, Alchemy, Gargoyle, Say . . ., Scared Naked, Alternate Realities, Black Gate, Fantasy Magazine, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, Dark Recesses Press, Aoife's Kiss, Rhapsoidia, Pindeldyboz, Flytrap, Farrago's Wainscot, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Aeon Speculative Fiction, Neo-opsis, Farthing, Futurismic, Son and Foe, Baen's Universe, Quantum Muse, Shadowed Realms, Abyss and Apex, Star Club, Interzone, Dark Fire Fiction, Dark Fiction, Gothic Revue, Ideomancer, Penumbra, James Gunn's Ad Astra, Buzzy Magazine, Gotham Ghost Gazette, Fried Fiction, Nine Magazine, Enchanted Conversation, Underwords, Perihelion, Gaia's Misfits, Paper Darts, Electric Spec, Transmissions from Beyond, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Golden Visions, Illumen, Lorelei Signal, AE, Metrosphere, Hunger Mountain, Toasted Cake, Sybil's Garage Magazine, Dark Regions, Dark Krypt, The Harrow, Capital M, Blood, Blade & Thruster, Afterburn SF, Minnetonka Review, Cosmos, Escape Pod, Subterranean Online, Tales of the Talisman, F Magazine, Spectra, Steampunk Tales, Shock Totem, Crossed Genres, The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, M-Brane SF, Future Fire, Fantastique Unfettered, Onirismes, Bull Spec, Brain Harvest, Space Squid, New Myths, Big Pulp, The Edge of Propinquity, 2020 Visions, Necrotic Tissue, Ruthless People, Chilling Tales, Not One of Us, Hypersonic Tales, Alternative Coordinates, Stories for Children, Emerald Tales, Redstone Science Fiction, Music for Another World, Mystic Signals, Calliope, Atomjack, Afterburn SF, Flagship, Thaumatrope, Tweet the Meat, Nanoism, MaLa Literary Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, Science Fiction World Magazine, Fusion Fragment, Speculative Mystery Iconoclast, Every Day Fiction, The Drabblecast, Queer Wolf, Everyday Weirdness, The Short Humour Site, Shelter of Daylight, The Absent Willow Review, Podcastle, Outshine, Boston Literary Magazine, Best New Zombie Tales, Dog Oil Press, Innsmouth Free Press, Inhuman, Dark Horizons, Pear Noir!, Mighty Mercury, Polluto, Reflection's Edge, The Protectors, Wily Writers, Expanded Horizons, Knitty, Bards & Sages, Mindflights, Ethereal Tales, Morpheus Tales, SWINK, The Northville Review, Short-Story.Me, and many more
  • The work of Odyssey graduates appears in the anthologies you read: Fantasy: The Best of the Year, Fantasy: The Very Best of 2005, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Writers of the Future, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Year's Best Fantasy, Year's Best SF, The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy for Teens, The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, Oz Reimagined, Urban Green Man, Ghosts by Gaslight, Launchpad, Alembical 3, Halloween, Under the Moons of Mars, Rogues, Weird and Wondrous Work, Queen Victoria's Book of Spells, Elemental, Warrior Wisewoman 4, What's Your Fancy?, Stamps, Vamps, and Tramps, What Fates Impose, Space Eldritch 2, Altered America, Thunder on the Battlefield, The Sea, Song of the Satyrs, Prime Codex, Swordplay, The Trouble with Heroes, Blood Lite, Bits of the Dead, Armored, Dangerous Women, Down These Strange Streets, Those Who Fight Monsters, Wild Cards I, Gears and Levers 3, Shivers VII, Mad Scientists Guide to World Domination, After Hours, The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity, Uncle John's Flush Fiction, Unidentified Funny Objects, Specter Spectacular, After Death, Zombies: Shambling through History, Bibliotheca Fantastica, Mirror Shards 2, Stupefying Stories, Brave New Love, Hex Appeal, Heir Apparent, Wolf-Girls, Anywhere But Earth, Mortis Operandi, Cucurbital 2, Healing Waves, Bride of Golem, Soul Reflections, Night Terrors 2, Paper Cities, Tumbarumba, Solaris Book of New Fantasy, With Great Power, Time Well Bent, Hotter than Hell, Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, Wild Cards: Busted Flush, Better off Undead, The Coyote Road, The Best of Abyss and Apex, Cinema Spec, Wondrous Web Worlds, End of an Aeon, Dark Portals, RUINS Terra Anthology, Speculative Realms, Anathema Online Anthology, Northern Haunts, Cover of Darkness, Barren Worlds, Sword and Sorceress, Sol's Children, Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown, Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome, Treachery and Treason, The Urban Bizarre, Modern Magic, Red Shift, Fantastical Visions, Triangulation, Invitations, Muses, Tesseracts, Polyphony, All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, The Best of Dreams of Decadence, Dark Offspring, Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse, Dark Highways, Traffic Life, The Many Faces of Van Helsing, Dead But Dreaming, Empire of Dreams and Miracles, New Voices in Science Fiction, All The Rage This Year, Dead in Th13teen Flashes, Cloaked in Shadow, Love Stories, Best of Epitaph Magazine, Spooks, Turn the Other Chick, After Shocks, Strange Pleasures, Bash Down the Door, So Fey, Twenty Epics, Corpse Blossoms, New Faces of Science Fiction, Strange New Worlds, Moonlit Domes, Rabid Transit 5, Twenty Epics, Spicy Slipstream Stories, Clash of Steel: Demons!, Modern Magic: Dark Tales of Fantasy, Vermin, The Secret History of Vampires, Wild Cards: Inside Straight, TEL, The Dragon Done It, Sex in the System, The Field Guide to Surreal Botany, Revenant 2, Amazons: Sexy Tales of Strong Women, Text: UR--The New Book of Masks, North of Infinity III, New Writings in the Fantastic 2, Horrors Beyond II, Fantastical Visions, Sails and Sorcery, Shadow Regions, Love and Sacrifice, Dead in the Water, Food and Other Enemies, Twisted Cat Tales, Interfictions, Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic, Postscripts, Escape Clause, With Great Power, Cthulhu 2012, Fast Ships, Black Sails, Ravens in the Library, Killer Rabbits and Zombie Raccoons, Warriors, Full Moon City, Running with the Pack, Dark and Stormy Knights, Songs of Love and Death, Wild Cards I, Tails of Wonder and Imagination, Descended from Darkness, Live Free or Undead, Live Free or Never Die, Love Free or Die, Live Free or Sci-Fi, Sacrificed, When Dreams Come True, Rapunzel's Daughters, Miseria's Chorale, Daily Flash 2011, Dia de los Muertos, Voices of New Mexico, The Living Dead 2, The Way of the Wizard, 2034: Writing Rochester's Futures, Under the Rose, Paramourtal, The Little Death of Crossed Genres, Jack-o'-Spec, Seeing Around Corners, Beyond the Grave, Magic Hat, The Book of Exodi, Dead Set, The Best of Every Day Fiction, Rockets, Swords, and Rainbows, The Immersion Book of Science Fiction, The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, Aberrant Dreams I, Maiden, Mother, Crone, Nocturnal Emissions, Pulp Empire III, Malicious Deviance, Timelines, and many more
  • Odyssey graduates are distinguishing themselves by winning awards and contests.
First-place winners:

Nebula Award, World Fantasy Award, Writers of the Future, (Odyssey graduates have won first place four times!), Science Fiction Writers of Earth (Odyssey graduates have won twice!), Isaac Asimov Award (grads have won twice!), Washington Irving Award, New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) Short Story Contest, Phobos Fiction Contest (grads have won TEN times!), Aeon Award, Rhysling Award, Briar Cliff Review Fiction Award, Mary Belle Campbell Poetry Book Award, CONduit Short Story Contest, SouthWest Writers Contest (grads have won four times!), Eric Einersen Memorial Short Story Contest, Strange New Worlds Contest, Writer's Room Horror Writing Contest, Rooney Scholarship Award, ISFiC Writing Contest, MISFITS Writing Contest, Ralan.com Grabber Contest, Story of the Year at Apex Magazine, Black Quill Award, Garden State Horror Writers Short Story Competition, Readers' Choice Award (Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Flash Me Magazine), Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum Prose Contest, April Fools Award, University of Alaska/Anchorage Daily News Writing Award, and more


Nebula Award, Hugo Award, Isaac Asimov Award, World Fantasy Award, Mythopoeic Society's Award for Adult Fantasy Literature, Warner Aspect First Novel Contest, Ray Bradbury Short Fiction Contest, New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) Short Story Contest, WSFA Small Press Award, Phobos Fiction Contest, Writers of the Future (six second-place wins, five third-place wins, numerous finalists and honorable mentions), Science Fiction Writers of Earth, Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (Odyssey grads have received 20 Honorable Mentions!), Year's Best Science Fiction (3 Honorable Mentions!), SouthWest Writers Contest, Weird Tales/Flesh & Blood Short Story Contest, Great Canadian Story Contest, Silver Falchion Award, Proceedings of the IEEE Science Fiction Contest, Everyday Fiction String-of-10 Flash Fiction Contest, The Tundra Prize, Bard's Ink Short Story Contest, Slamdance Film Festival's SLAM FI Short Story Contest, Aeon Award, PAGE International Screenwriting Award, ScriptShark Insider Screenplay Competition, Single Syllable Short Story Contest, New Mexico Book Award, ConVersion XX Short Story Contest, Fantastical Visions Short Story Contest, Golden Duck Award, Best Soft Science Fiction, Speculative Literature Foundation Fountain Award, N3F Short Story Contest, BAWL Princess of Mars Short Fiction Contest, Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Contest, Ralan.com Grabber Contest, PARSEC Contest, Reading Writers Silent Characters Contest, In Places Between, MISFITS Writing Contest, Codexian Idol Contest, Codex Halloween Contest, Brain Harvest Challenge, Apex Magazine Election Horror Contest, North Dakota Heritage Writing Contest, Conduit Reloaded Short Fiction Contest, ByLine New Talent Short Story Contest, Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Writing Contest, and more

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